Bijou   “Bijou” is a boxed set of twelve black and white prints that depict selected box offices in front of Los Angeles movie theaters.  I produced twenty-five numbered sets and two artists proof sets in 1975.  Color photos of box offices may be viewed in “Movie Palaces”.

Pix Series

Animal Antics color
Animal Antics color

  “Animal Antics” documents my observations over forty years of humans all over the world interacting with animals. We love them as pets, revere them as creatures of nature, gawk at them in zoos, consume them as food, hunt them as sport, display them as trophies and adorn ourselves with their skins and fur.  They serve us in many ways. My subjects include not only living specimens, but also our representations of animals and monuments to them. The images are inspired by my love of animals plus the work of Nick Brandt, Elliot Erwitt and William Wegman.